When we’re together there’s no better than you and I
And I don’t know what happened when we started to fight
But my pride is turning me to stone
I can’t let it go

I didn’t mean what I said when I started it all
I held your heart in my hands and I turned it on and off
Just to see the reaction and what you’d do
I’m such a fool

And now I’m all alone and I don’t know where to go
And I’m wondering what you’re thinking
I’m just, wondering what you’re thinking

I watched you as you cried
My face didn’t let you know
My heart was slowly breaking
As I packed my bags to go

I’m begging you tonight
Please pick up the phone
My hands are pale and shaking
I don’t want to let you go

We started on a topic and I wouldn’t drop it
Venom in our words and we stopped talking
Yelling at eachother like two strangers at a bar and
Too drunk to see the fight that we were starting

I never really understood
How you could go and hurt
Someone you loved so much but, Words
Come out in ways
And you can never take them back
I wish that I -- could take them all back
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Don't Want To Let You Go Lyrics

Kelley James – Don't Want To Let You Go Lyrics