That's my girl
Oh that's my girl
You're damn right, damn right

Her hair up, no ego
Down to roll wherever we go
Strong woman so regal
I'm so lucky she's with me though

Twelve pack playing cards in a Motel Six
Champagne beachfront, sunset at the Ritz
High heels, black dress, red lips
Sweatpants, Sunday night, a "let's do this" kiss

Sometimes I lay in bed
In the morning she's getting dressed
She's so beautiful
I'm so obsessed

I don't really know where I'd be
If she didn't stand right by me
Pick me up and sweetly say
“Baby it's gonna be okay”

First one to dance, the last to leave
Life of every single party likes it's New Years Eve
Got moves from the 80s like you won't believe
She loves Michael Jackson, “Billie Jean”

Rocks karaoke can't stay on key
A bona fide lady when she needs to be
The sweetest little smile that you ever did see
Doesn't need to ask and gets it all for free

Can't wait to see her face
When I get off the plane
Never want to leave again
Why do I go anywhere?

When everything I need
Is right there in between
The day we met and the
Rest of eternity

We could talk for hours, just about the day
All the things we want in our life
I write you those silly love songs that I'll never play
Outside our room they're only for you

She will never know how much I need her love
How proud I am to be hers I'm her forever one
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That's My Girl Lyrics

Kelley James – That's My Girl Lyrics