Her name was Sarah
She was late teens
She dated Michael J
They were lovers, their first ones
Until that fateful day

After that summer, oh that summer
They went their separate ways
And vowed they’d stayed together
They’d always be just a phone call away

They tried to send the pictures that told about their days
Their new friends and others who couldn’t be explained
But as time rolled by the distance began to make it harder to maintain
The late night fights and then they questioned
This decision they had made

Why is it so damn hard when I can’t see your face
Why is it so damn hard when I can’t see your face
He listened to her crying and said baby, it's gonna be okay
I will talk to you tomorrow, we’re just a phone call away

Finally, they made it back to into each others arms for a weekend stay
In minutes, it felt like they’d never been apart their bodies felt the same
In hours, the promises to be strong and they’d always let their love remain

No one said it’d be easy

If it’s real love
Then it will remain
They’ll see tomorrow, will bring them back again
You can’t break what’s really meant to be
But one thing you’ll see
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So Damn Hard Lyrics

Kelley James – So Damn Hard Lyrics