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Youngins Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Youngins Lyrics

I done had my up and downs with these hoes now
No heat in the trap it be cold now
I can't trust a single nigga not a soul now
Pull a rack out my pocket it can't fold now

[Verse 1]
And I'm bout to blow up like a dominator
Keep the choppa by my side like a terminator
Diamonds biting on my wrist like an alligator
That bitch in the club, she a booty shaker
And I know that hoe love me
I just wanna be buddies
Sit back and sip this muddy
I know these hoes like me (Gang)
Niggas know just how I'm coming
Pull up smelling like a onion

[Verse 2]
I got broke in the cut like some bandaid
And all these niggas sweet like some candy
I got Talisa in the cut, you run up I'ma blow (That's my bestfriend)
And when we pull up to the scene we pour up four dope
Cooking bricks in the oven, niggas stinking like an onion
Need my cash no discussion, pull up on blood niggas runnin
You bought some new Louis, I bought that loud pack
Put three bands on me, then I break a thousand bands
Yeah, finnessed that real trap, you don't know a thing 'bout that
Pull up to his house I got the scrap in my backpack
Trappin so much I don't know where to go
'Cause I can't go home, gotta go by the sto'

[Verse 3]
Trap, Trap, Trap, Trap, Trap, that's all I know
Breaking down your door, then I go and po' a fo'
Drama time, I don't want no drama
Pull up spraying a hundred llamas
Bullets comin' like some damn commas
At the bank 'cause I gotta count some commas
Activist is over, wit' I need that Hi-Tech
Bottles after bottles man I gotta take a piss
Shawty come up to me and she ask me "can we kiss"?
But I can never love a thot 'cause I am never with that shit
Hoes always want it come and have some
Take a nigga shit and hold it for ransom
I ain't going in without a magnum
All black and white like a panda
(Like a panda)
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