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Gambino Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Gambino Lyrics

Ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Tell these niggas to catch up, bro
Ayy, ayy

I'm off of the lean, I'm of the pills
I'm drinkin' the lean, it give me chills
These niggas is fake, they ain't never real
I'm gettin this money, I just made a mill'
I'm speakin' the truth, I'm like Dr. Phil
And my music is shocking, but I'm not a eel (I'm not a fish nigga)
And they think that I'm Tony, 'cause I'm livin' out my dreams
(Tony Montana)
True Religion jeans, pull up in that Beam (Pull up in that Beamer)
And I think I'm Speaker Knockerz makin' money on my lonely
(R.I.P Man)
And you think that's your freind, but that nigga phoney
And I just got a chopper, rollin' off the yoppers (Bang, bang, bang)
The streets, they call me Gambino
Pull up on a opp block, that's Faneto (Faneto)
And these girls search you up faster than a GTA heist
And my flow is so cold, but I don't need no damn ice
And you run up on me, I don't have to think twice
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