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#JunieBJones Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – #JunieBJones Lyrics

I'ma-I'ma call it how I see it
I dont like yo' bitch so I don't know why she cheated
Michael Jackson nigga pull up I'ma beat it
Bitch post a pic on her I-G, hoe, delete it
You know I dont want my new hoes to fuckin' see it
Pass me the gas I'ma end up chiefin'
Poles on deck I won't end up leaving , ayy
Bad bitch ask me why you keep teasing, ayy
Slide, shoot, .45 for no reason, ayy
And I'm a angel wit' a pole, not a demon, ayy
So much pints in my system, yes I'm leanin', ayy
In the bed wit' a bae, ayy, now she sleepin, ayy
And I'm high as hell but nigga I don't do no molly pills, ayy
Kids love me, nigga, ayy, like I'm Little Bill
Coolin' in the airport, ayy, my weed vaccum sealed, ayy, ayy
Done trappin', 'cause I need to rap forreal
Niggas eatin' off the plate, yeah, it's my meal
Give a fuck how you fuckin' feel
Pound house the location, but I'm sellin' midget
Bitch, I need some charmin oil, bro, I'm shitting
I count it up, bitch, juggin' for a livin'
I took some shit, yeah, juggin', this is not for children
I got a Faygo, boy, you pour up in the Mountain Dew
They give you lean and it's green, is you gone sip it, dude?
Religion on my jeans, yeah, bitch you know it's true
We was sellin' niggas, watch me put that on my troops
I read her like a book, bitch, Junie B. Jones
Smokin' three five out a pre-roll
I can never try an argue wit' a broke hoe
Watchin' New Age, gotta catch me up to code
Its 2017, what I see is there to know
Baby, it's just the lean, cuz, I'm not slow
Bad bitch hit me up at four fourty-four
Said, what I'm doin'? Bitch I'm countin' up the dough, ayy
Hittin' up my phone, could you leave me alone

[Chorus & Outro]
Yeah, bitch could you leave me alone?
Countin' up cake, could you leave me alone?
Yeah, bitch cause I'm all on my own
Yeah, bitch could you leave me alone?
Yeah, bitch stop hittin' up my phone
Yeah, bitch cause I'm all about my dough
Lil' bitch stop hittin' up my phone
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