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Who Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Who Lyrics

I be off that Wockhardt, I don't do Bacardi
Speed off in that Audi, new that bitch saw me
Lot of niggas owe me, twelve can never hold me
Bitches miss the old me, I’m rich I need gold teeth
It’s a lot of gold on me, my bands will not fold on me
Bitch I need a trophy, ballin' hard like Kobe
I walk in they know me, I walk in they snow me
Barkin', hella O’s on me, walk in, hella hoes on me
I be flexing on these dudes, finessin and my attitude
You be off a adderall, and I be off a perky dude
They hatin' me, they lovin' me
I swear they don’t know what to do
Wack a nigga, Home Alone, and you know we got the chrome
Gotta put it to his dome, too much in yo' nigga home
I just got a new phone, now she tryna call my phone
Told that bitch "just leave me ‘lone"
Why this bitch won’t leave me ‘lone?
I be high up in my zone, give his ass a halo
And my eyes be very cold, color guns like rainbow
Free my nigga Rambo, pull up in the Lambo
Free my nigga, Tony, too, don’t know what he goin' through
I just hit the pack through, now this nigga actin new
Pop out, I’m like "What’s the move?", money be my attitude
Nigga call my phone 'bout beef, II don’t even know this dude
Get money, do you?, Don’t be a lame fool
Circle like a hula hoop, coolin' in that foreign coupe
I know you know I got the juice, poured all the lean up in my juice

[Chorus & Outro]
Who?, Who?, Who?
Who?, Who?, Who?
Who?, Who?, Who?
Who?, Who?, Who?
Nigga who is you?, Nigga who is you?
Flexin' on these dudes, nigga who is you?
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