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Bars 1 Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Bars 1 Lyrics

(Ayy, Ayy, Ayy)

Niggas know how I rock, pull up on yo' damn block
And you know that I'ma blow, cause I'm just too damn raw
And these niggas they be hatin' boy they need a damn job
And these niggas they a scary, boy this ain't no damn Saw
Pulled up to his street and I sprayed his ass
Buddy wanna talk bout' me, but he ran too fast
And how you talk 'bout me you don't get no cash
And these niggas wanna race me but they come in last
I think I have superpowers cause I'm too damn fast
And trust me if I rob you than it's wit' a mask
'Till the day I die I'm ridin' for my niggas man
I got the K we dumpin' through a van
You takin' flight and we gon' land
I'm off the Xans I can't see man

And I got the bands, I'm flexin watch me do my dance

Im in my stance, watch me I'm the glo man

Gotta watch for the pole man

Bullets droppin' to the flo' man
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