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Trust Issues Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Trust Issues Lyrics

If she the opp you know I can’t fuck with her x4

If she the opp you know I can’t fuck with her
I’m going fast these niggas better buckle up
And I’m on the block
My niggas they some hustlers
I like to flex a lot
These niggas know I flex too much
I be rolling with my guys
I spend my money ‘cause it’s mine
I’m rolling dope I got no time
For the hoes that’s not mine
Ima legend with the money
Niggas begging for the money
Run up you can’t take it from me
So I think these niggas funny
I was cooling in the hood
Tryna sling some [?]
If you want it come and get it
Used to do it everyday
I’ve been cooling riding beemers with no license
I keep the pole in the back
Think a nigga can fight this
I be cooling hitting licks
Had to hop over that fence
Now I’m cooling on my own
Counting dead presidents

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