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Gucci Rag Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Gucci Rag Lyrics

'Bout to wash my face wit’ a Gucci rag
Nigga who is you? go and check a bag
Yea-Yeah I keep my steamer, better think fast
If you run up then you won't last
Go inside the mall, I can't check a tag
Got a Lambo’ and it so fast
Yeah, my big bros, they be off the cigs
I be rollin' blunts, they be so big
Big bands in my pants, I'm off the molly and I'm off a xan
I can't walk, I can't dance, can't do anything, can't even stand
Like god damn, god damn, god damn (Woo)

[Verse 1]
My niggas tote big guns, tote big guns, got big choppers
My niggas be off the drugs and off the weed
Yeah, we off the yoppers
My niggas some real niggas, we’ll pull up like a helicopter
Tryna disrespect me
Get on yo’ knees 'cause you know I’m yo' damn father
You done did a kill, you done did a drill
Now yo' nigga yellin' to the army
Re-Real niggas turn to fake niggas
They’ll switch on ya', supossed to be ya' partner
Hate niggas, I hate niggas, I just hate niggas that act sour
Try to get yo' cash, try to get it fast
They just want yo' damn power

Ayy, hol' up, ayy, hol' up, hol' up, ayy, ayy, hol' up

[Verse 2]
Say you got the money, you ain't even show it
Say you got the pistol, you ain't even blow it
Say you got the fo', but you ain't even po' it
And my grass, I really gotta mow it
Got a lot of cash, now I see these mad hoes
Got a lot of bricks, I'm trappin' out the bando
And yeah I'm sippin' lean, I swear it got me movin' slow
Yeah, I'm on the go for them bank rolls
All I want is money and that motherfuckin' gold, yah
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