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Moves Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Moves Lyrics

Bans on me like I hit the lotto
I just fucked a bitch look like a model
Wockhardt you can see it in the bottle
I gotta stack my chips thats the motto

Took a xan now I'm in tomorrow
Took a xan now I'm in tomorrow
I know some niggas with the guns and the cargo
What's yo bank ? Do you Bank with Wells Fargo ?

I wanna know cause I could finesse you
And anything I say just know it is the dam truth
I don't lie when I come inside the dam booth
And if I do then I'm high-up off this dam boof

He said he was lucky so he think he a bambo
Everything I'm getting right now, It is dam new
And I'm looking clean, got me feeling like some shampoo
Coolin' at the top of the world, man I like the view

Counting Ben Frank, you can see the strip that it's blue
This bitch hit my phone like Duwap oh you really grew
Talkin' to me crazy, you's a motherfucking lose screw
I don't like you hoes, yall is crazy, yall is koko

And I'm the floor got me stuck like some dam
And I'm with my gang, with my team, with my dam crew
I be makin' moves, hella moves, hella fucking moves
We been hitting jugs, making moves, making hella moves
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