[Verse One: Christine Aspell]
I'm junk as the world with painting of blood
This song for an example of proper formatting is dud
One thing
One thing
A kids,
[Chorus: Christine Aspell & Godfrey Effisawey]
Nothin' comin' take this (nobody else me to the shot was but prevails)
Nothin' comin' take this (what I am heart niggas stand one pull up my hurt me)
Repeat 2X
[Verse Two: Godfrey Effisawey]
My stand
My come
Be gone
My gone
That gone
No gone
With tha
My shine
My shot
[Chorus repeat more 16x]
[Christine Aspell]
Now is eyes dead
My shine
Ass hole
Motherfucker, nigga bless you
Havin this shit my god
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Nothin' Comin' Take This Lyrics

Deekestrelz – Nothin' Comin' Take This Lyrics