Don't do that, don't do that!!
Don't do that, don't do that!!
[Christine Aspell] Karim!
[Karim Kaloga]
Now to the time, [?]
Strong in the shadows along in the hadows
I don't, the padows, oh no?
Rest for the enemy guy's son is grave sons
It's the Wrong Turn or left, and left for dead
Poem punch blooded, gravemuddy, questions
The addiction, or vampires heard
Bitchassnig that, Bitchassing this, don't do that
[Karim Kaloga] Christine!
[Nobody, (now is singing or ruckus)]
[Christine Aspell]
With the door deep down, [?]
And murders is confused and now to Evil Lost [?]
The facts and make and make ill your and nightmares
Now, so in a fallin' the door [?]
D-D-D-D-Don't Do That, with the water
6 Feet Deep, is the sword living
Now to time with the hell, [?]
Let's time to nightmares flow
Cause I am not you fuckin' row
Now don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't do that
[Nobody, (who make ill noisy shout])
[Christine Aspell] Godfrey!
[Godfrey Effisawey]
And darkness of horror dvd, if enemy
I don't, [?]
Deep was the hole in the bold for the maybe
Dark with the job is blood than Grimm Reaper
Yeah, if you see of couldn't for Evil Lost
With the braincells hit for the rain, with the drain [?]
Deep-teep, yeah, freaking freaking alone
Here come the Child's Play, don't do that
Chorus (x)7
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Don't Do That Lyrics

Deekestrelz – Don't Do That Lyrics