Diggin, yo, hm, hm
It's the lord, murder son, [?]

[Hook: Karimkaloga]
Raaaaw, enter the Deekestrelz (3x)
''Shine to the gramma''

And now to deep down [?]
Oooooh, no, come on, goooooodness! Yeah!
Quick to the dead with the cemetary
Dig up the grave with shovel like a takin are grabbin'
666 to the crabbin'
With the creepin alive, to the left with the didn't live
Bang your head to the bang drive
Diggin' for ghosts like don't that city boy
The Deekestrelz for the shovel with out croy, [?]
I can, fuck that, of a death
When I death
Yo, shut up man is deal

Now to the streets, [?]
Bring it on
Now to the murder


And live to me grave living [?]
Will body
Make up a day
Enough now
Is jungle
I will
I kill
And will kill and kill and kill and kill and kill

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Enter The Deekestrelz! Lyrics

Deekestrelz – Enter The Deekestrelz! Lyrics