I known to the hell
With the seed dead
Strangler with me screaming
Now to else
Than me
Tough guy
New York shit
I have Godfrey's hire
Dead bodies
All over the floor
My motion shit
Fucking and horror
Education even
Me either
Nobody else
Shit ass
Pnuk ass
Come up
[Godfrey & Christine]
Deekestrel restrel even through the deadly guy
My have and scary people
Let's go, let's go shit now
Follow you got me ashes running about
The aspell
The effisawey
Always not niggas
My niggas
Bitches bitches bitches
Bitches bitches bitches
Above the law
Shit or struck
Creepin' came storm is up
Words again
Yo, bad again
Nope, no
Comin' up the grave
2 bad, little shit
Or spot
Nigga hell
Not fiend
Brooklyn Shit
Nobody else
Christine Aspell with the home
Come with me
[Godfrey & Christine]
Aiyyo, kid
Fuckin place
The Storm
The Score
My want (nigga nigga)
The painful
The Karim, The Brook, The Godfrey, The Christine
(Good shit! )
Deekestrelz anything
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Scary People Lyrics

Deekestrelz – Scary People Lyrics