[Hook: Deekestrelz]
D-E-E-K-E-S-T-R-E-L-now to the life cause-Z
Deekestrel restrel, 5 deep water *5 splash of deep water*
[Christine Aspell]
Or like, [?]
The Deekestrelz said COME HERE!
Right, my sword, my saved
The Redrum is Shining, yo, yo

[Godfrey Effisawey]
Follow the story, [?]
The evil is dark mist takin' dead body enemy
Think to the BVD, like to the DVB, [?]
And greed, and reed, and now to the bleed

[Karim Kaloga]
Darkside than field, or like, for the home
It's the buried, my stand, my hell is my dome
It's the dark, released, and now to seed
And home of dark and the scared
This dead, now to the buried
And dark, and dark, the spark, the spark, and now the watch to the lark
Verses one first, [?]
[Godfrey Effisawey]
Everyday with dead, my spook, my watching
[?], horrorminor
No you couldn't reflects, [?]

[Karim Kaloga]
Lamer, lamer, [?]
Both My Heaven Of God, [?]

[Christine Aspell]
Let go away with spook away, [?]
And body with shut is the day *deepest water deep water of person deep blue ocean*
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5 Deep Water Lyrics

Deekestrelz – 5 Deep Water Lyrics