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Mantra Lyrics

Chuuwee – Mantra Lyrics

Chorus: that's what Chez do..
Hold a thrilling conversation in her bed rooms

When I finally cop this whip it need some leg room
I'm on shrooms I'll be talking to the dead soon

In her bedroom in her bedroom
Didn't fuck but spent the night in shawty bedroom

I'm on shrooms I'm on weed I'm on meds too
Hair blowing in the wind let my dreads loose

Verse: I been out channeling energy.. Hello to my enemies
Several steps ahead of the rest.. Several steps like a centipede

I found out that I'm my own entity..
Do away with whoever you sent for me

Smoking out fat is a tendency.. Ashing the ass out the window..

Gun on my hip is my mini me.. Talisman with me for synergy

Searching and searching for peace
My inner chi has an inner G

Where are you going what are you on it's four in the mornin cold as pneumonia

Ring the alarm and call up the law I'm going to hard for you to control us

I wanna spar I'm looking for trouble you calling me out... Why did you phone us

I am alone me and my soul
Pull and dome me all by my lonesome

I'm on the road so much that I'm homesick
I'm in the zone.. I'm bout to hone in

Tap into all my frequencies.. It's terrible how people speak of me...

Them people just made me a ceo.. Watch how I run it like dmc

I'd never do nothin for tmz... Ima be stuntin on bet

Bout to blow up like a tnt.. All I gotta is believe in me

I'm charging a couple for every show
All I gotta do is go 3 for 3
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