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Put It On Lyrics

Chuuwee – Put It On Lyrics

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Rest In Peace Big mutha fuckin' L
Word is bond God!
This for all the Zulu Nation soldiers
And the true learners of that real shit
Y'know what I'm sayin'
We mouthin in the house baby
We finna turn the party out '95 style

[Hook x4]
By nature I'm naughty, I been known to rock a party
We hardly going to sleep, so everybody grab a body
And Put it on yall, put it on (say what)
So put it on yall, put it on (say what)

Yo I'm slicker than that Bugatti, pulling like a Maserati
I'm kamikaze , we bombs sucka niggas, Nagasaki
And Put it on yall, put it on (say what)
So put it on yall, put it on (say what)

[Verse 1]
By nature I'm naughty, I been known to rock a party
Still a hobby with a body then crash like Tod Nagi
Living my life upon the auto bond
Pushing my license passed them fucking fools from ?
No stopping me, not at all
I kick a rhythm like a nigga know karate
Who got it better than me, she wanna ride me like Bugatti
You probably wanna know what I'm on
It's in alignment with the planetary and the stars
Know the land, word is bond
I stick my arm into the ice chest and see a fly dress
Pull out a Sprite and get some proof about my high best
I rhyme best, I mic check 1
The one and only, you homies phony baloney
Get ate up like pepperoni, got my pockets Fat Tony
Doing it Big Willie style
Police'll chill and rock a chicken bummy's silly now
We in the V.I doing it real B.I
Promoter said I'm coming so we turned the whole city out

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2]
Powers are honored, turned me to a true performer
When I move the crowd from corner to corner, no need for warm up
Even though I'm only just beginning
They call me Nike, I just do it then I just be winning
You niggas are touching the ending
I try to warn them I'm smoking like marijuana
That dope is cause I'm from Sacramento, California
Move on 'em quick, I'm disappearing and reappearing
These niggas talking slick, but looking gay as Richard Simmons
I do it wrestle, you muscle niggas I crush you like rubble
At the party they spotted me like truffle
The fliest nigga [?] nigga
Pitching it from a duffle
Been do it but then I mumble
I ain't trying to get in trouble, I be
Eating these weak ass niggas, they looking like Gumbo
Or Brian Gumbol, you Dumbo, looking jumbo, Crayola
I squeeze the pistola from my payola
As we blow another O or two in the back in his Corolla

[Hook 4x]
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