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Basquiat & Rocko Lyrics

Chuuwee – Basquiat & Rocko Lyrics

Shout out SA-Town and Sac-Town
Fuck what a nigga think he know about me
Shout out my nigga Esta


[Verse 1:]
I ride slow my eyes low
Chief like I'm Squanto
Keep cheese chips cilantro
My bank roll on nachos
Don't chase after these tacos
Yanagida and panchos
Showin out like a car show
Custom rims by Modacco
On my G-Nex, hi ho
I don't never text back, I know
It's amusing to have your mind blown
In that small skirt where your thighs show
She plays games like Iko Eidos and I'm through with you
And bitch you would be too if you knew what this game would do to you
Them ain't diamonds them rhinestones
But this nigga gettin' his shine on
That ain't weed these pine cones
But this nigga gettin' his grind on
They know the kind of shit I'm on
Record deals with no typos
Hatin niggas I sneeze on
They allergenic, hypo
Nikes, hype ass, hype beast, hype ass
I might eat, I might fast
But I do what I feel I'm like that
And them commentators don't like that
Fuck you bitch who the fuck is you
And nigga you would say some shit like that too
Just look at all the bullsit I been through

I make thousands every show
I make thousands every month
I turn up when I get drunk
I write verses every blunt
If you tell me what you need
I can go get you the front
I make thousands every verse
I write verses every blunt
I been doing my thing
Ain't nothing new
Been in this shit 2002
Put it down for my crew we good
You don't know what this game can do to you
I been doing my thing
Ain't nothing new
Been in this shit 2002
Put it down for my town
My crew
Still look at all the bullshit I've been through

[Verse 2]
I feel posterized
They blackmail like I'm supposed to cry
Like I post a reply
I never do
Just keep grinding and go for mines
Drive myself I chauffeur mines
You niggas ain't know you supposed to grind?
Last year I hit the whole coast with mine
This year I'm finna turn coach with mine
From damn green to bad teams
Bad checks and bad dreams
To bad weed and hashish
Bad bitch with ass cheeks
My best days was last week
Turned up like the control
My guapo on bank
I feel like basquiat and rocko
Mos Def
Rock flow
Who is that?
Want beef?
I turn that shit into pot roast
Gazpacho cold blooded
You lease
On nothing
You niggas
Know nothing
Ho fronting
Grow something, roll something, light something, smoke something
My party they throwing up
Just me and my team they go for nothing
South Sac, North Sac
My niggas act like we born in a zoo
Keep it real my nigga you would too
Look at all the bullshit I've been through

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