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James Rutter (Swim Center) Lyrics

Chuuwee – James Rutter (Swim Center) Lyrics

Intro: They say Chez you're always making songs about girls, well i say you niggas should be using those same songs to get in those girls pants, FUCK YOU

Verse 1: Ayo i lost my virginity the same day i tag teamed divinity
With Genevieve i never seen a pair of sisters scheme

Who would've thunk it in my sickest dreams?
It never matters what you look like it's all about your dick esteem

Picking teams so me and my mans get the thickest teens
Nationwide searching running trains game of 23

See how many chicken heads down for the dicking down
Lick around when you downtown make it Mr. Clean

Chantrell ain't have no choice but to get with me
Was her first cut was the deepest no Michie Mee

Anabella wanted that backdoor entry man
That whore's simply the best apple or orange get it

Didn't use the cell number till the second visit
Stayed the night and told her gone let Rebecca kiss it

Lucked up and met a porn star giving wishes
I could've made a sex tape from chicks in my remembrance

Chorus: Swimming in woman a young Micheal Phelps i
Hit em and quit em the hand i was dealt but

When dealing with woman they always melt down
Oh My God i got no time to be laying round

Swimming in woman in drowning in they reservoirs
They gimme they digits im leaving em with wet drawers

I heard china was great i hit the best walls
I reminisce on the times i was a mess yall

Verse 2:

And she know i'm a player, like sega
Press start soon as i undress tear her whole dress apart

I wish luck send my best regards
You can't beat me shawty i reach levels that the best be on

Im a player , like that
Sega genisis game i spent days playing over again

Im tryna beat it, literally mangle her frame
And if i eat it power up and let her give me some brain

It was amazing thick virgin but for certain
Her pussy smelled like sturgeon or black trout

She gave dome till my dick touched the back of her mouth
The back of her scalp soon as we got back to her house

She pulled her pants down fat ass dropped out like BLADOW
Bent her ass over the couch and then TADOW

Her friend Penny? Skinny Something made her tap out
Blew her back out she block my car in can't back out




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