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Florin Light Rail Lyrics

Chuuwee – Florin Light Rail Lyrics

[CHUUWEE] Intro: Sac-town , Yea , North South East West

Verse 1: Whenever i make something they take from it and pay nothing
These budget cuts got promoters on a straight budget

But i remember that i ain't nothing
And if it ain't much at all it's something to make me stay humble

And so im on my way to meadoview road
Where real bad guys lurk you've already been told

Toward the lightrail i go should i text this broad?
To keep it real man im so damn scared of these hoes

Got a package in the mail and it better be clothes
Another check on the way and it better be close

To elk grove i go, and you already know
No ride so i probably gotta hike Fasho

With a bong in my hand is the way that i roll
Because herb enlightens the mind to grow

Haven't been to greenhaven in a while lets roll
I got homies that way with the best of dro . lets go

Hook: Everyday is a struggle everyday is the same
We ain't waistin' no time we ain't playin no games

We get up and we hustle we get out and get paid
We ain't waiting for nothing we just hoping for change x 2

Verse 2: A wise man told me lil homie dont sweat it
Just wake up get up get out and go get it

Niggas dont wanna be Jerome Bettis?
What's better than mansions bank accounts good credit?

What's wrong with strong dome in lap like a woman got beheaded
Challenger drinks premium unleaded

Sometimes i pull the lexus out all white galaxy nexus
Enjoying my rewards they perceive it as me flexin'

Yes Yes i get it thats life i live it
And love on every coast to boast i got permission

And I'ma go hard until i'm finished
Wiping my face a dinner table with my family and my niggas

Wale dont even have this kind of ambition
I come from a slum village im killing so bare witness

If any kind of money South Side gone get it
Sac-Town Get the money i steady handle my business

Chorus x2:

Verse 3:

We ain't waiting for nothing hoping for change
Just hoping to stay alive another day .. aye

Where you going where you from where you live at where you stay?
And they barely show us love we ain't LA or the bay so they hate

They Valley has something to say
When mayor Johnson was elected ten the crime rate raised

When Arnold became governor we turned into slaves
They wanna run up on the capital and leave it inflamed

Walk the streets of my city what i see is a shame
But what i see day to day just helps me to remain who i am

Dont let this fame shit eat at my brain
And remember it can be taken at the drop of a rain

Pops hustle every morning 9 hours a day to keep food on the plate
And so to him i give thanks

And to my mother who birthed me and went through this pain
So when i'm doing my thing i think aloud in my brain and i say

Chrous x 2


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