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Plight Of A Man Lyrics

Chuuwee – Plight Of A Man Lyrics

Chorus [Chuuwee]:
Taking my time in the sands
Stick to the follow the plans
Talking survival on land
This is the plight of a man

Gotta get hunnids in hand
I do this shit for the Fam
Ima do all that I can
Niggas be taking advan

Verse 1 [Chuuwee]:
Get up and get to it
Awake and arise
No more wiping your face when you cry
Just enjoy every day your alive
You're missing an 8th of your weight when you die
Lost souls couldn't make it in time
So take it in stride and erase all that pride
We been thuggin it tough in it out like hide
Niggas been switching like Jekyll and Hyde
But I swear we'll be fine, be alright
Another good grind it'll be all night
Hop to it 3 times put the heat on ignite
If we sell everything we gone be on tonight
At the height of my life
I wonder when niggas gone get on my hype
Maison Chez Margiela ain't tight
Any distortion we kill on sight


Verse 2 [Chuuwee]:

My closest associates dealing weight on the interstate
Just to put food on the dinner plate
Just to get rid of the rental plates
Be able to say that living straight
Want all of my rellies in different wraiths
Take all of that ramen and give em steak
Gripping the wheel on the 10 & 8
Can't take the oppression we gonna skate
Some say my head in the clouds
Some say I'm dumb off the loud
I see that struggle and all of that poverty shit and be dumbing it down
I'ma keep hunnids around
I'ma keep money to count
I'll give it back to the world
We can get dummy amounts


Interlude [Looselyric]:
I do this on my own course
Ain't nobody gave me shit
'Cuz ain't nobody give a shit
It's hard living life knowing that the good die young and the evil prosper
But still, I do anything to survive
Do anything to overcome
I'm the definition of strength

Verse 3 [Looselyric]:
I always stay down
I never give up
(I did it for them times, when the times was rough and they showed no love and that made me tough)
I remember walking to school 'cuz I had no bus money
Hand me downs, they made fun of me
Now they act all in love with me
Trying to steal my style, only one of me
Just woke up, with no food to eat
Last diaper, time to hit these streets
I'm not giving in, won't accept defeat
I'd rather stick it out, try to play for keeps
I'm the underdog, 'cuz I think unique
I'd rather map it out, 'till the plan complete
Taking my time in the sand, 'cuz lately my life been a beach

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