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Smoke One For Doom Lyrics

Chuuwee – Smoke One For Doom Lyrics

This how the chorus is gonna go and fuck you if you don't like it
Bust that shit

La La La La La

Yeah, one more time for they bitch ass head nigga


[Verse: Chuuwee]
Mega Mind Alien, holding up a stadium
Wouldn't hesitate to put the chrome to your chranium

[Verse: Abstract Ninjaa]
Walked in a Palladium
Your baby momma waved at em
Batman and Robin
We came, game, crusaded them

[Verse: Chuuwee]
It's flabbergasting how these wack niggas are lasting
Boring light, going fishing
So I'm feelin' nothin' they castin'

[Verse: Abstract Ninjaa]
Sugar free sweet tea
Coconut passion
With your cherry coated asses
I'm cleanin' off my glasses

[Verse: Chuuwee]
Born in flickin ashes
Murdering by the masses

[Verse: Abstract Ninjaa]
Cassius Clay
I box bitch niggas in caskets
Layin over the foamy
Went and really made me mad, shit
Who the crew with the most smoke
And raps bitches easier than 314
No enhancements, we all real

[Verse: Chuuwee]
No excuse for the crack spilt
Tired of killing rappers
While I'm making up a fuckin' deal
So now he's runnin' the streets with no meal
Fuck sack and cross it out
And put welcome to the battlefield
My army runs lyrical drills, tags out
They be rollin up a fatty boom batty
Behind the stairwell

[Verse: Abstract Ninjaa]
Fear and still
Like I'm guard riding really ill
Rent a blue Neva
Tell these niggas take a chilly pill
Sea man, man see chez
Than gun pop out
Man sees spots
Spots run, shots knock out
Lexus ES 3 and shares block out
Hop out twelve miles later
The blunt brought out
Fool very much hating but we love it
South side till we die
And we streamin out the public eye
Vibes will keep you from your woman
When I'm busting rhymes
Or else she'll love it
I guarantee she gonna suck it
Chuuwee is the man from Nantucket
Balls in his bucket
So far down
Made her think she's bout to up chuck it
Told me I'm a trick
Told that bitch to pack her luggage
Fuck it

[Verse: Chuuwee]
Ninja guy slash
Stash body in butt

[Verse: Abstract Ninjaa]
Use ten CSI to do the coverage

[Verse: Chuuwee]
Trenchcoat made mad dash into the public

[Verse: Abstract Ninjaa]
Than jump into the chorus
But the shit was mad suckage

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