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Dolla Bill Cosby Lyrics

Chuuwee – Dolla Bill Cosby Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Hop out the rental
It ain't a Challenger it ain't a Benz though, but it hit though
I flip those rims, look how they sit
Imagine it - Car magazines, blunts ashin' and
Askin' when we tradin' in the bus pass for CarFax
I'm all that, 90's Nicktoons, fall back
Some niggas never make the second season like The Fall cast
Holo-cast Grandmaster Flash to these rap niggas
Grandmaster booted and Shabazz to you wack niggas
Let's make it rain, nigga, forecast
Poor ass nigga, when I was pitchin' fom my Jordache
Low cash, straight outta money, nigga, no cash - Get it?
If I get it in an instant I'mma blow it fast - You know that
Since back when niggas had show-dat's
They'd get a little dough then get to splurgin' on 'em -
Askin' where the hoes at
Swear I gotta keep the dough stashed
You either gettin' slow-jacked
Four-capped, murdered or toe-tagged

[Hook] x2
Money make the underworld go 'round
Money make the ladies and the girls come out
Money make the motherfuckin' world go 'round
Money make this earth turn upside down
(I heard)

[Verse 2]
Same old scenario, it's everywhere you go
Start gettin' paper niggas hands out like scantrons
You don't give up paper you'll get stuck up like tampons
That rhyme 'bout as annoying as put your hands up
Pontiac, Grand Am, parked by the railway
Am-track, told them Am-scray when the thing spray
Pain lay inches from his chest and his pocket chain
Killed him for a lil' pocket change - Stock exchange
The root of all reason that we go insane
How to make it out of America is a prison game
Get a frigid chain hoppin' out a different Range
Papa make the illest rage - Nigga what the pictures say?
Different strokes different folks, need a different space
Rather than a simple lifestyle in a different state
State of mind, can't relate to you niggas, mane
Dollas make 'em drink each other blood just to get a taste

[Hook] x2
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