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Riverside Ransom Lyrics

Chuuwee – Riverside Ransom Lyrics

I Don't Believe this bullshit!

[Verse 1]
Riverside Ransom he want my head for a grand
"Cause me and his main damsel was dancin'

She might have had her hands in my pants when he pranced in
Couldn't withstand how handsome i am

I was walkin to my mans crib
I heard em peel off rubber like a chicken with aids bustin' the lamb skin

Ducked into Sam's crib , picked the Glock up
He got everything we need, like Sam's Club

Type of shit you can't believe if somebody told you
It had to sound like from out the fan club fantasy

Niggas want to fight about girls how can it be?
The same dude bustin' the slugs lay in the canopy with Ashley

Ask me i think we should've got this over last week
No Reason you clowns still coming after me

Mad dash down the backstreet, yo im out of there
Scuffed my new tenni shoes Holes in my outer wear

Riverside Ransome, They on my head
As soon as you off that 81 Bus then you dead

It was Riverside Ransom, feel like the feds on my line
How this nigga everywhere that i arrive

It was riverside Ransom, kidnapped his girl for an evening of dancin'
And homie turned rancid

Riverside Ransom
It's like Riverside Ransom and homie threw a tantrum

[Verse 2]
I go against all odds, like a tangent
Tangerine colored pants on with the salmon button up

Lookin European, i was cheifin
Seen Em comin, knew it would be a rough evening

They stay schemin' like drake and DJ Khaled
Thought he could get it over quick cause i ain't about it

Bullshit Chuuwee will pull clips dont doubt it
Went for his trachea i knew he couldn't live without it

Big body benz on 4's at the Eskaton parking
I'm at the bus thinking how this all started

Gotta move cops looking for your man but i'm
Finna leave of absence and get departed

No holds barred i moved the car peeled off
Bustin' at my ankles like they tryna shoot my heels off

Man shit got real dawg
Over a slutty ass skank i was tryna cheap feel on



[Verse 3]
It was out of control that shit was dangerous
They finally got me i was hoppin' out the camry

Me and lil Andy, stupid pan handling
Somewhere off of FLorin Blam Blam then we scrambled

They had alot of ammo, I was empty
I didn't have it with me left it under the damn stove

Hella far its all the way in the damn grove
Shit is all bad only one way that it can go

Ran to the creek hopped the fence hit the channel
Niggas came quick still busin' at my flannel

Chased me all the way to the levy next thing i know
Someone pulled up in a chevy What did i do?

Who is this? man shit got heavy
Lord willing i escape safe if he let me it's going down

Like my eyelids, they got heavy
I turn around and i dove into the river hoping these niggas forget me

[Hook] x2

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