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Hide & Seek Lyrics

Chuuwee – Hide & Seek Lyrics

[Chuuwee] Verse 1: YO

You live in a fairy tale reality
You want to be a fabricated fallacy

You recreated yourself, 'cause you hated yourself
That's pressure from everybody around me

Running away from yourself you can't face yourself
Screaming out loud how the hell have you found me

You rearranged yourself never defaced yourself
But you know how hurtful them put downs be

But you still kind of know who you are
You became what you wasn't cause you know what you wanted

Though it probably wasn't meant for you it ain't in the stars
You wasn;t trying to hear that cause you really want it

What really makes us all different another guy
Another kid trying to live life survive hype

But noone ever knows what be running through yo mind
I was looking in the mirror looking in my own eyes

[St3wart KooL]Chorus x2:

Sometimes i play games inside my mind
When i was younger i used to hide
From all my problems and hope that i
Would never find them

[CHUUWEE] Verse 2:

I walk around fresh out of a dream
Barely out of puberty but feelin 22

Young gun loaded full of cum
Wild teen never dumb just goofy and making the wrong moves

Walkin' like a man standing in the wrong shoes
Thinkin' what if i have kids they'll be just like you

Thinkin' money over bitches thinkin' just like you
Met a woman thinking marriage and i just might do it

Heart break and cherish, two nights in Paris
Day dreams apparently and that's when i was 17

Wet dreams of these hoes in my P.E. Class
Forever chasing some ass i was a young gun

Never dumb fully loaded full of cum
And that ain't really change till i turned 21

Reflecting on my past like im turnin' 30 sumn
Im just thinking bout how far i've come

[St3wart KooL]Chorus:

[CHUUWEE]Bridge x2: Back in the days when i was young full of cum
Back in the days when i was dumb diddy dumb never

Back in the days when i was young full of cum
Though back in the day was never dumb diddy dumb never

[CHUUWEE] Spoken Word Verse:

As i come out of this shell, this hellhole this jail
This cell i was confined to as a child

As i regain self awareness i run wild
As i run rampant i run free

Free of my fears and free of my doubt
I go forth with the utmost integrity

I let go of anything holding me back or down
For an enlightened man does not fear, Therefore i fear nothing

I've played Hide & Seek with my disbelieves for too long now
And i am found in my new mentality, as i go forth

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