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Get It Crackin' Lyrics

Chuuwee – Get It Crackin' Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Yo I'm simply truely the baddest
Need a Nubian Goddess assisting up in the palace
I'm diggin' the groupies status
Soon to be Louie-tagging and livin' the truely lavish
My bars man ish, I tongue game and shoot her spanish
No bandanas, but I'm a bandit
I run up inside this cottage holdin' a roman candle
I'll come in with that Iron Chef, skillet and pan flow
Pan cold they know I'm crispy hoes do what they man don't
Oh god damn, Van Dam is what I am though
With these flows shit gets bad when I'm in my damn mode
Who fly? Get out the sky better find something to land on
At this stand point you're damn wrong
Crappy... you need some practice
I'm West Coast Classic, Chuck Taylor's and khakis
Does anyone have a blunt wrap, maybe come and get at me
Smoke a swisher puff n' pass we'll toke a spliff and get happy

Hey I'm a real nigga, I'm bout that action
Ain't never simp or slip or slackin', stick to my mackin'
Make sure you keep a Magnum wrapper, bitches be trappin'
And hustling n' stackin' isn't trappin' that's a whole nother contraption
She's a down bitch, let's make it happen
Smoke something for Biggie get the kid back n' relaxin'
And roll a swisher full of Purple Passion, n' make em' match it
And when it comes to rappin' niggas know I'm the baddest. Fuck what you yappin'

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, she's a real bitch, she got a fatty, fatty
Drive a Caddy because she wana be from Cali
Beauty pageant winner she was a model in the Maxim
Now I got her pinned up against the matress like refrigerator magnets
See what happened was, I came in so spectacular
She couldn't help but let me suck her neck like I was Dracula
Hop in that suicide I'm tryna make a patient of a passenger
Blast the tunes n' twist the lavender
I came in, Stacey bad she dash like Damon
Or the phone that that lame ass nigga was kickin' game with
Bobby Hill propane shit, I had the baddest fire my supplier was standin' by us, blazin'
So watch me freak it, peep this fly nigga's uniqueness
I'm leaving em' speechless with some of this shit that I be speakin'
Wil'n' outa town for the weekend
I'm bouta hit a freakniks swimming thru skinny bitches like they beaches


[Verse 3:]
Everywhere I go I get it crackin'
You tryna get with me, hit me and we can make it happen
I brought it from Cali don't even ask me how it happened
Just puff it n' pass it and don't be giggling and laughin'
I'm a dastardly bastard that just happens to be a rapper
Who was dapper as fuck, don't really be givin' a fuck for swagger
The lines and the hook I cast is black magic, god dammit
N' get up out your seats like you the last thing standin'

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