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Beastie Boy! Lyrics

Chuuwee – Beastie Boy! Lyrics

That's wassup
To the Suspects Cliq, yeah that's wassup
To my nigga J. Good, yeah that's wassup
To my man Deceased, yeah that's wassup
To my man Levi, yeah that's wassup
To my nigga J. Lowell, yeah that's wassup
To my nigga Telepath, yeah that's wassup
It's the Suspects Cliq, that's wassup

[Verse 1]
Aye yo
Creep through the night on vogues, I ride low
My eyes low, pelican briefs, the fly clothes
Since '94, I been shittin' divine gold
Cut off levies because a nigga got flow
Ayo, niggas they hate hard cause I run shit
Mustard, sour had a nigga on some fuck shit
Fuck this, you don't wanna see a full gun clip
Got my gun powder and my musket, fuck it
Buck shots, hit him in his nuts and his guts shit
If I don't win the battle then war gone get ugly as ugly
You don't got no wins in me casa
So you don't wanna set trip, fall into a dungeon
Plunge in concrete, shoes on some sunk shit
This is hooliganarian style meets drunken, monk
Meets funk with any nigga who ask
Play a game of Russian Roulette then have my blast

To my big bro Chino, that's wassup
My man DJ John, that's wassup
My nigga DJ Danny, that's wassup
My nigga Has Solo, that's wassup
Van Dope, that's wassup
To my nigga Snaggle Tooth, that's wassup
To my nigga Sas Finda, that's wassup
It's the Suspects Cliq nigga that's wassup

[Verse 2]
I come through wild'n in the night time
Hoes thought I was stylin'
Wettin' niggas on all four sides like an island
Even police found his demise was surprising
I'm way to wavy they couldn't fuck with high tideage
Khaks (khakis) be soft as high cotton
Quit acting like he's Rowdy Rod Piper when he entering the cypher
All 36 Seals up the cold I decipher
Women come around me, need diapers
Niggas talk about catch a molly wop, strikin' from his Nike's
Pain full of basses, that flash like lightning
Came in this game, no name, just a microphone
Writing with the skills weak niggas say they like to own
Niggas spitting crooked, leave the mic alone
Before we have to find a way tell yo baby mama why your life is gone
4,000 degrees underneath the microscope
Niggas couldn't see me through kaleidoscopes
I am dope!
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