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40 Oz's & 40 Sac's Lyrics

Chuuwee – 40 Oz's & 40 Sac's Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Back up, back up
Boom boom goes the jammy by the waistline
While I get high with a cutie by the wayside
Looking like a black Zack Morris, the flyest one at Bayside High
And every time I pass, girls cry
I'm an asshole, devil with the horns, I'm a fly guy
Have it your way, like Burger King small fry guy
Get fried when they step to my minions
Offensive slick shit, come up in that bitch missing
At ease, you and your team something like batty boys
Gay, we make pay like Shane Battier
Run and come and find you, they said he ran that-a-way
Law man told me to put the damn gat away
It ain't my fault these soup niggas get shocked
In rhymes they're Pac, but really Anne Hathaway
Hey, it's like that y'all
I got a TUS baseball bat, this is the batting cage

Engine engine number nine
On the Sac Town transit line
If my train falls off the track
Then I'll explode in the gas as I'm striking a match

[Verse 2]
Boom boom goes the jammy from the waistline
While I roll an L in the studio, and we don't ever waste time
I chase my digits, my rhymes are frigid, exquisite
And hoes they know I'm always on some slick shit
I'm wicked, young and I'm black and I'm gifted
When I kick it, it straight leaves hoes dripping
I be like "Can I hit it?", they say "Yes you can"
Oh, but niggas don't understand, I'm the motherfucking man
Peace to Japan, I ain't really mean to do that
Fuck shit up, they call me Hurricane Who Dat
Who dat there to try to challenge my crew?
That's stupid as fuck, but yo, you niggas knew that
I do that, everything else you niggas lose at
That attitude, all of that hate, will get you bruised black
Move fast, be at one with your squad
Or you'll hear two claps and someone laid in the garage
Boom boom
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