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New Pain Lyrics

Black Smurf – New Pain Lyrics

(?) like okay

What you wanna do bro
1 on 1 2-2 or I do the whole (?)
Never been rich bro
Never been a bitch bro
Never been alotta thangs
This new check boy got a new bitch boy brand new life thangs
This a brand new dame it ain't nothing changed
(?) get some money made

Almost thought she was sweet like lemonade til I threw in a hand grenade
(?) cocaine then shawty go both ways
I got me four lines and a root beer with a blunt full of (?)

Big bank is if she pull the (?)
Told that bitch don't try to finesse me then find you a Ray J
Hate when a nigga try to flex off a top bitch if she ain't from the back page

Hold on
Gotta keep pushing Lupe
Thought it sound like Lil Wayne
Bad bitch like (?) hotter than blue flame then show a nigga New Pain
Smoke so much like damn he (?)
Like damn he knew slang

New mane

Whole lotta new thangs
Make a nigga do a heel flip he like "damn nigga chill your shit"
I'm like mane don't worry about me buddy ain't one of your school buddies
Walking round like (?)
Might check like Lonzo Ball she was shooting from half court
Til they called me Smurf (?) cause you know I'm a bad boy

Bag boy
They like "why you so mad nigga?" cause I ain't sitting on my ass broke nigga

Mad for nigga

Man no nigga

Might as well go give it up
Get ya ass out of luck shit I'm just saying puss
Gotta whole lotta

God damn

I got niggas real hot cause I'm on this bag
I got bitches still shocked how I blow it fast
First she went like hell nah now she on my ass
They like "what ya been on?" - I'm like on this bag [x8]
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