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Fully Hydrated Lyrics

Black Smurf – Fully Hydrated Lyrics

I'ma eat another nigga to the heart bitch
Once a pussy turn a nigga to target
Then smoke to rip through your carcass
Then I put your main bitch on the market
Young full blank smoking beg your pardon
Better not throw that disrespect at my squad bitch
Cause I burn a nigga ass like a carpet
Throw that ass nigga down like cartoons
I'm just trying to live my dream like Martin
You just mad cause you a [?] like Marvin
Nigga try me we beat his ass like a spartan
So I really do suggest you take caution
I'm the king of my jungle like Tarzan
East Memphis made my heart so rotten
Keep me running for the money like a faucet
Dirty money keep my lungs full of toxin
Money coming in fast p-portion
But I doubt a nigga won't get a Porsche yet
I kill a nigga ass no abortion
If he ever try and shoot at my fortress
Smartwater got me feeling like I'm morphing
Twitter buzz got em thinking I'm important
Swear the world got me feeling like a orphan
Still alive and for that I'm fortunate
You a bitch made nigga for the certain
I'm a god in the world full of serpents
Gonna take a nigga life on purpose
One punch lay you back on the surface
Black Smurf treat a bitch like a servant
Quick to cut a nigga off like a surgeon
I’ll have a nigga hella nauseous, hella nervous
When you meet a real nigga in person
No respect in the world you worthless
Ain't changing for shit I'm perfect
50 lines on the call if its urgent
Keep a bitch that you use for the virgin
I'ma grind for this cake no disturbance
Turn your money into mine no conversion
Put the band on your head like a turban
Keep on playing on my block like a serpent
Any my veins gotta keep drugs coursing
All my life I done made dumb choices
At the Sir they be getting the employment
Swear the world try so hard to destroy me
Money talk so I guess you voiceless
Swear you internet niggas so annoying
Throwing hate towards me so pointless
Cause you'll never understand my voyage
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