What is the meaning of this life that we're leading?
That is the answer, within itself
There is no reason to start fighting what we're given
Yet we seldom see truth in our timeless youth

Hell is an instrument of faith so despised
By all who think with their minds. Rebirth is a lie
My chains will bind me, My chains will blind me
Colors of a faceless shadow creep up behind me

Human life is meaningless
Many nights we have obsessed over who we were
One day we will pay the price
For all we've crushed and all our vice
But let me tell you one last time, That there is hope

Finding the truth inside the lies we are taking
Will the light glance our way before we are lost?
I am the one that they call Dillamond Alexander
And the mist before my eyes is clearing the sky

And now my mind is ready to take on the challenge
Open enough to receive my epiphany
The motive that was hidden is appearing to me
The knowledge I have gathered converged here today

Perishing is all I have, Inhibitions failing me
Cherishing that part of me, Heaven knows it's all I have
Under her spell, I lay, Fire is consuming me
Letting myself burn away, Utopia is just a thought
Human life is meaningless
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The Epiphany Of Dillamond Alexander Lyrics

Between 11 – The Epiphany Of Dillamond Alexander Lyrics