I come from the trees and grew through the silent breeze
But young, I was thrown in a country where dreaming is insanity
My mind, Drowned at sea, Beyond these lands obscuring me
For my freedom, I will fight
Erase the demons and turn on the light

By instinct, stung by curiosity, Taking a forgotten way for my soul
The indoctrined are yelling at me, Exiling me, Calling me a fool
I was born, Limpid and pure, Still I own my self nature
The outside world is daily soiled and we have got the task to destroy

New breeze, Different air, It's good to be out of there
Say goodbye, Home sweet home, It's time for me to live on my own

Too many colors, So much to see, Tell me why
I should be free, Close your eyes, Feel my bones
Return in your lies and leave me on my own

The control, Now in my plan, But keeping strongly my sole plan
The vice is part of me as I follow my destiny
You will free yourself now, Make things shine
At their best, Live in light, Not in sorrow
Until the chapter of our deep rest
On my own

Tomorrow, The page will turn
And you might get nothing in return
But if you fall down and start to cry
Remember who you are and the reason why
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On My Own Lyrics

Between 11 – On My Own Lyrics