Darkness looms over the world
A crimson sky weighs on our shoulders
An answer elude us, They turn to our machines
And in the face of chaos, To unhealthy order

The is a light that guide us to the heart of hell
If we stare, A city where the law is evil
And a life of crime is painful
If there is defiance in the streets
Blood will stain the land of profit
Enemies of truth and questions
Hold our liberty in their hands
I have lead the fight for freedom
To impress the mass they'll kill me
But serving all the captives
Is my duty as a man

My insanity keeps me alive in the madness
I can't wander this path anymore
I know the world, Heroes fail each day
In this city, Fading is the key

Let me introduce you to the
Ashes of the dreams that we had
The industry of lies was born here
And we are all it's slaves as we pay
The prices we are given to endure
Will create a descent I won't be
Fucked repeatedly by this lot
Of profit craving rats
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Industry Of Lies Lyrics

Between 11 – Industry Of Lies Lyrics