In the shadow of my mind lies an enemy of all life
Who has grown to be all we fear in oursleves
Hate is all we need to loathe, To become the goal that we seek
And fix ourselves inside to heal the wounds and scars
The glory of our life is to seek the questions we need
To journey for a time and smile a while through our pain
Fading to dust is all that remains
The sun will Arise

Confession of my conscience dragging me down
The realm of dreaming is my land of eternity
Purpose at last, What I make of it, Mine to see
Confession of a miracle fading at dawn
Redemption awaits the living who take what's theirs
For we're all in sin, If we don't forgive and fall in love someday

You know nothing my son
Maybe you believe you found another level of consciousness
Remember there is no desire, You'll never fly
No! Don't give your heart away, It'll only get crushed in the end
The chaos that we live in is no place for love
Maybe he told me what he believed wasn't a lie
And by the candlelight lie the ashes of his broken dreams
Love knows no boundaries but neither do my scars
But living just to die
Is like living in their lies
Let me feel this way again
(Come walk the path with me, To the glory of our life)
Isn't that what we are here for?

I know who I am
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Glory Of A Life Lyrics

Between 11 – Glory Of A Life Lyrics