Living in submission, Displaying fears
Ignoring questions, Refuse to hear
Working as servants, Giving your souls
Staying ignorant by following rules

I am god, Can't you see?
And I won't set you free

Watching television
Buying new gear
Believing illusions
Staying always here
Searching conformity
Wanting easy lives
Striving for normality
Embracing the hive

I am god, Look at me, Feel my rage, Bend your knees

No more painful hatred, We are lost close to death
Now break, Thin Porcelain
And die, Give them your last breath
Will you finally reach out for the gate

Learning superstitions
Escaping tears
Getting good mentions, There's no answer here
There is a solution beyond this dark sky
A new devotion, Allowing us to fly
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Agoraphobia Lyrics

Between 11 – Agoraphobia Lyrics