From Religion to Science
No Science, Religions back Again
Human Trafficking's taking Place
Deep Inside the Vatican
As Living organisms all Life is destined to Cease
It's like a Lease
Now let's speak upon some Afterlife Beliefs
So what's the Story?
Is there something
Heaven, hell or Purgatory?
Is it all thought up by a Man
As a cover Story?
Faith is Abrahamic
Put in place to dissuade Panic
No Inferno
No pearly gates, aint no Satanic
But there's something Bigger
We all Sense it inside my nigga
'Fore we Stiff with Rigor
Death, Mortis we must Figure
If there's Life after Death
My Deaths a Rebirthing
Reincarnated the process I'm Reversing
Back to where I started
I started Inside another Creature
Growing in the Belly
And taking on both the Parents Features
Tendons, Connecting my muscles upon Bone
Young Rosetta Stone
Speaking the Language I'm taught Home
As I Grew
Yo I knew and I sensed that I Been done This
Always brought back to the Light
From the Still Numbness
It's the Soul
Not my body or Physical Immortality
That Really lives on through the Eons
Split Personalities
Are Fragments of Personas
Left over from other Times
So Universally accept
What I'm teaching you with my Rhymes
I can perceive beyond what you Believe
A spectrum Unbeknownst to Eyes
The ladder of Divine Ascent's
A ladder of Descent Disguised
You're worrying about your Retirement & your Pension
I am training my Brain
To Transport me to New Dimensions
See the Body is a Vessel a Vehicle
Earth Transport
Essence in a Bag
Zipped up tight like a Kids Jansport
Subjectively experiencing alternate Realities
Unitary Consciousness we share that Commonality
It never goes away or Dies
The Reason we are Born's the Sun
Without it Surface Population
Dwindling to number None
A Bigger Purpose
It's a Concept we can't Grasp
Don't Identify
With your body this wont Last
Just do the Best you Can
Think deeply and seek Answers
No Fearing of the Reaper
Not fearing it Cures Cancer
With the Slate wiped Off
Looking forward to new Starts
New Life
New beginning, Same Heart
But with New Parts
If I'm Wrong
And there's Nothing no cycling Just Pitch Black
There's nothing I can Do
As a Human that 'gon Switch That
That'll never Happen
I want you to Close your Eyes
And be Patient
Because this gonna take you a Couple Tries
Now take a Deep Breath
Slow but Deeply like 10 Times
Think of no Words
No thoughts just a Clear Mind
And Let Yourself (Go-go-go-go)
Golden Flower Power Far
We Individually Microcosms became the Macro Gods
Just let (Go-go-go-go)
And Leave this Prison Damn It
Bodies are Containers of Souls
This is A prison planet
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Prison Planet Lyrics

Beast 1333 – Prison Planet Lyrics