Yo Back the fuck Up
Out of my Way
Before I Crush You
I Might be Nice to your Face
But don't trust You
The Earth is the Deadliest Planet
To live and Troop On
These Sheeple Oblivious Women
That clipping Coupons
And their Beer Drinking, Meat Consuming, Overtiming Men
Yo the children that they Bearing
I'm doing this all for Them
This Real man this aint Pretend
I'm causing a Massive Shock
I conquer Block by Block
While possessed by the Soul of Pac
Possessed by the Soul of Big
Possessed by the Soul of Pun
I never Run From
None of them
Paid for the Things I've Done
I Even cocked back
And Let a Few Go in the Name of Justice
Came to Conquer the Scene
Like a rapping Caesar Augustus
Heres the Battle Plan
Resist and assemble a Massive Caravan
They Brain wash our Children
And train them to Fight the Taliban
So Shallow Man
The woman you're lovings about the Money
If you got None
Guarantee honey be acting Funny
Because she Programmed
Early through Disney and Prince Charming
While the Second Amendment Dissolving they Disarming
All the Idiots Believing the Hype that are Watching News
I Refuse to Infuse with Diffusal of Fascist Views
This is the Worst time Ever in History to Be Living
It's a Cold World in General People is Unforgiving
It's a hell of a Place
Were a Race of the Mostest Hostile
My Disciples are Gradually
Changing into Apostles
Left a Legacy Behind
All the Music and Things I've written
Of course I seek out the Occult
Because occult only Means it's Hidden
Pure of Heart aint no Malice or Hate
Just simple Logic
Give a Hundred Percent of Myself in Musical Projects
Rhyming Handstand
(nigga you Nice)
That's why I thank Fans
Bases is Loaded with Soldiers it's Time to Grand Slam
And Bring em Home
I Hope this penetrates and Sinks into your Dome
Don't feel ostracized
Yo My brother believe you're not Alone
You Never Were
The way that you're feelings the same & I Concur
Developing tastes for truths of the World
Became a Connoisseur
And I Prefer to be Treated equally Treated Civil
Fuck the Biases and Spewers of Ignorant Racist Drivel
We've inherited a Merited Mess
More or less Repetitive
Competitive, No Sedative
Opinions Argumentative
And the Clock Ticking
Greedy politicians leave us Slim Pickings
This the type of Knowledge always have
And Always Been Kicking
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Mad World Lyrics

Beast 1333 – Mad World Lyrics