Verse 1
Report to P.L.O
Israeli repression
Here Come Mahmoud Abbas
The Socio Political wing of the Acronym H.a.m.a.s
No cease fire Rocket Attacks
Even they Seas is Dead
Mana falling down From the sky
They Consumed they Evil bread
They deep State
Sending in Mercenaries
Them cheapskates
I Never seen so many Fedayeen
Laid out like Beefsteak
For Pete's sake
Moving in Units all Expeditionaries
With the Satellites for Reconnaissance
On your Military
Splack a Flusey
With Jericho Pistols they packing Uzis
Shoulder launch Multipurpose weapons just Like the Movies
Silver Arrows
As Micro-fragments penetrate the Marrow
40 Millimeter mortar Flying out the Barrel
Douglas Skyhawks
Killing Civilians on the Sidewalk
Irani side talk
Now Planes are empty flying Cyborgs
National defense authorization for the Fiscal Year
Developing Security related Programs out of Fear
Verse 2
They countering Al-Qaeda
Reporting Requirements in Fact
Wars breaking out in the Field after Legislative acts
Theirs Cluster Bombs sidewinder Heat seeking
Yell Salaam
It's Vietnam, explosions Burn you quicker Than a Cd-rom
Theirs Personal
Billionaires As Well
Platinum plate Lapel
As Liberation Army of China
Reserve they Personnel
Theirs Revolutions
Public beheadings for Domestic Nuisance
You Cheat on your Husband
A stoning be your Execution
So Barbaric
As they assemble Across Judea
The Rocket motor helps the Missile Penetrate the Lair
They logistical, Centuries ago they penned the Biblical
They Worshipping the intellect of Man revere the Physical
Rabbinicals that Moving in the Dark and dealing Body Parts
That tear Apart your Chest looking for Heart
With livers Set Apart
Theirs Mutilations
Hostilities in every Nation
Heaven have Mercy they Ready for Death and Patient
It starts with Misperceptions
Of the enemy's Intentions
Imaginary lines as Countries broke the world to Sections
Upon Reflection
And Introspection on the Matter
Things are Heating up
Quicker than bubbling Fritter Batter
Populations Actions
Oblivious to Laws Attraction
Theirs Warring Factions
With thermonuclear reactions
Counterfeit Jihadis
With bullets Spraying from a Black Ducati
They Shooting you from the Back of the Cab Like Peter Gotti
King Abdullah
Judeo-Persian central Asian Mullah
Sunni Muslim Clergy rushing as the Pray to Allah
School Madrassa
The Smoke is Pink
They'll blow your Calabasas
Long Range
Pakistanis trained to Shoot from roofs on Casas
Hella Choppers
United Nation emblem Helicopters
National Weather Service Radar Images are known as Doppler
Raw as Mongols
With conflict Diamonds from the Congo
And where did time go'
I got a Full clip for the Five O
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Unmerciful Heaven Lyrics

Beast 1333 – Unmerciful Heaven Lyrics