Yo, there's Aamon and Abaddon
And Ekimmu from babylon
Pazuzu was sumerian and fought against the Metatron
There's Abalam and Alawar and Azazel the Canaanite
Mephostopheles was humanoid and known to fly at night
Agrat Bat Mahlat was one of satan's wives
Go head and call him Azriel it's Beelzebub that rules the flies
When skimming through the alphabet of demons you see Baphomet
Dantalion's with Solomon reclaiming all his pieces bet
Set is the demon of storms you see
Evil is evil and takes different forms believe
You me there was Astaroth the ugly
And Belphegum the moabite diseased his skin was bubbly
But the biggest one is Lucifer the morning star
The enemy the tempter the accuser
Come to lay the law
He came to legions of this evil
He's the prince of the earth
Unleased a couple demons but the angels
Where there first

Hook (2x)
Angels & demons are living among us
Angels & demons assemble in numbers
Demons and angels they been here forever
Flame to they halos the Ebekenezer

Verse 2

You heard about the demons
Now it's time to mention angels
The Cherubim the Nephilim the ones who wear the halos
There's Camael and Cassiel, Elijah and there's Raphael
And Michael whos the total opposite of angel Samael
There's Israfel whos musical and Adonai whos Elohim
And Mitatron who gets it on and talks to you at night in dreams
Nathaniel always hiding things
And Cassiel's in seventh heaven
When your born it's Layla who protects your mom
And saves your melon
Rachmiel is merciful and Rachiel is sexual
This track was made for hip hop geniuses and intellectuals
Cathetel protects the vegetables and Duma's silent
Know this well that Jophiel's the angel of enlightenment
Uzziel is faithful up in space I pray to Forfax
Zuphlas is the angel of trees
So we pray to him for more sacks
Got to end this with a
Chitty bang a lang a dang a diggy dang
These angels coexist with man it's all part
Of a bigger plan

Hook (2X)

Verse 3

We are the son of man the model of perfection
Appointed guardian angels at our birth for our protection
According to the romans satan wanted his revenge
Because Abdiel defeated him and cast out all his friends
And the lord said unto them that by the blood of slaughtered lambs
That they lost they place in heaven
So in turn they torment man
In the bible in the torah and koran they have they mentions
In reality they holding on and molding this dimension
So just follow intuition
Quietly you feel there essence
This is just an invocation
I get goose bumps in they're presence
There is darkness there is light
There is day and there is night
As vibrations tickle frequencies
I never trust my sight
Keep walking toward the light
The stench of sulphur
Nearly chokes you
It's the devil playing tricks, training the demons so they coax you
There's a battle taking place
We the people are the prize
Bite the apple have a taste
Watchful are my fathers eyes

Hook (2X)
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Angels And Demons Lyrics

Beast 1333 – Angels And Demons Lyrics