You know we never back down
Add another classic to my catalog
Big up to all the Swedish
This time I'm rapping with Sabotage
The rapping gods
Who shining bright upon
Apples in Avalon
Your half as strong
& soon we'll all be Gone
Like all the Mastodons
They causing harm
There's meaning for alarm
Rub your lucky charms
Imagine all the cash it took
To keep me out the funny farm
There's something wrong
We insecure beneath they watchful eyes
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Be conscious of they evil lies
Don't be surprised
The Pineal Gland becomes your Primal eye
The three flames of the Trinity
Hovering high in the sky
& all must die
They make you try before you go and buy
The Chosen Tribe by Mandate of Heaven
Were killed and thrown outside
We must Survive
Deformed children with the Mark of Beast
The biggest drug dealers
Are these drugstores and pharmacies
The Genovese is copping all they percocets at cvs
Then they trying to lock me up for carrying my cds (Controlled Dangerous Substance)
A shitty mess we the blessed & best disciples of the light
Orthodox Processional Cross
To mock the Acolytes
There's Brontobytes of information passing through our tissue
Absorption Coefficient 100% official
I'll officiate
Over Temple of Hip Hop Initiates
A man who knows to much
Stands out as the fishiest
I'm Sanitizing your mind
All the Time
With my Lines
By Design
When I Rhyme
You Behind
This is Mine
& I Shine
Pay Attention to Signs
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Never Back Down Lyrics

Beast 1333 – Never Back Down Lyrics