Well I’m standing here again
But it’s not the same as it was back when your father was in the pen
Its empty now
And the hives have all been knocked loose from where they’d been
Yeah they’ve fallen down

We’d watch her from the roof
Watch Touya scream and dance around on her small muscular feet
Till she’d fall down

“Her sister, Touya, lived behind the apartment building down the street
She sat there fat and naked all tangled up in weeds
But she seemed happy on her dirty mattress swatting at the bees.”

“I’m not a stranger” I said.
Touya did a little spin

Rat shit rides the wind on black plastic bags
And I’m looking down
Where I put my fingers in your mouth while Touya waved her legs like flags
I’m hunted now
Yeah like a rabid dog but I’m not afraid. I am afraid.

Oh Touya I see you smiling in your filth
And I see your sister She’s telling me she’s not afraid yeah she is afraid

I’m a stranger
I’m a stranger
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Her Sister Touya Lyrics

Bambara – Her Sister Touya Lyrics