Watch you sleep on a black towel in the sand
In the foam of dead jellyfish and crushed beer cans
Sucking flies in your mouth
Then you breathe them out
Just to suck them back in again

I look at the stubble on your sunburned scalp
Think about how it scratches on my neck and lips
Wonder why you grew your hair out long
And then you dyed it blonde
Just to shave it all off again

In the space between your teeth
There’s a doorway to the desert
Where you breathe sandstorms to life
Howling through broken mines
And the hollows of sun bleached skulls

You look up at me through the sun
Tell me ‘bout some dream you’ve just awoken from
Where I died shirtless in the street
Pants tangled round my feet
Waving a bottle at you like a gun

And you’re face is the same
As when you found that picture of her in my desk
All blonde locks and naked flesh
Back then you didn’t say a word
Just chirped sad as a lost bird
And then you dropped it back into the mess

Your mouth open wide
Just like your grandma’s when she died
And you sigh with a moan
Breathing life into snakeskins and dried up bones

Something washes up onto the beach
Yeah it's half eaten but it's still movin'
You reach out and grab my hand,
We watch it struggle in the sand
And all the seagulls start to sing
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Sunbleached Skulls Lyrics

Bambara – Sunbleached Skulls Lyrics