When you said your hands look like your father’s
I knew you meant without the red nail polish.
Back there before it all started
I’d never seen that look in your eyes.

Now I see it all around
In the birds scattered on the ground
With twitching wings
But they’re still singing

The sheets stained just like inkblots but you were so calm then
Back there in my old apartment
Where the moths that ate my clothes
Smelled just like your perfume
Back to the place where it started
The sky was pink and red like your old man’s head
Coughing up a lung when I met you
In the freezing rain and you noticed our teeth
Chattering at the same beat.

Now I see it all around
In the phones scattered on the ground
And I’ll dance dreary to the sound
Up until
They stop ringing
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Nail Polish Lyrics

Bambara – Nail Polish Lyrics