Way back, when Elsa was a little girl
She saw a deer in her yard
And she went over to take a peek
She waved at it through the glass
A gunshot cracked
And steaming blood fanned out around its kicking feet
Dead eyes staring
Dead eyes staring
Now she’s all grown, big-boned, and sweet
Dancing to her records late at night
When there’s no one around who might
Hear her as she tries to sing
Fly strips along the walls
She twirls through the halls of buzzing wings

She puts on the clothes she likes to sleep in
Leaves the hall lights on bright
And falls nervous into dreaming
Cause she knows what she’ll find
Staring back all blank and dead
She takes a hit and slides out of bed

You said Jack’s handsome and he’s dumb
Drinks at your father’s bar with all the scum
Till his flushed face goes slack
He’s new in town. Came one night when it was raining
Bag full of blank notebooks on his back
And he’s always complaining
Yeah he knows he’s a poet just uninspired
Says it’s his muse who is a fucking hack
Says the bitch must be sleeping on the job
Like some lazy god-slob
Don’t give a shit about her little Jack

He whistles for another round

Elsa’s walking down the street
Jack sees her through the glass and winks
Elsa smiles back from the crosswalk

Brakes squealing and screeching
Jack runs to the Cadillac
Sees Elsa gurgling beneath it
Her eyes stare dead-blank
Rolling round in her twitching head
Like a dumb animal he thinks
And the beauty overwhelms him
He writes and writes and writes
He writes and writes and writes
He writes a title on the page
“Doe-Eyed Girl” it says
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Doe​-​Eyed Girl Lyrics

Bambara – Doe​-​Eyed Girl Lyrics