I’ve seen you before
In a wet dream or a vision
You were knocking on my door
Looking for something you were missing
You know exactly who I am
I own this stretch of barren land
This painting on a motel wall
This problem that we’re gonna solve
See if you help me, well
I can give you anything
I’ll give you anything
I’ll give you anything

I know it’s freedom you desire
But you reek of religion
Maybe it’s that church that caught on fire
Where all you punk kids are livin’

These boring monuments
All shining and white
In honor of boring men
Like those poor bastards from the mine
Let’s make something huge and full of rust
Rebar ‘round my handsome bust
Broken glass like jagged flowers
Climbing up a twisting tower
Yeah I want to see its shadow on everything
Shadow on everything
Shadow on everything

We’ll slip dynamite in the suits
Of the people in the museum
Or we could wall them all inside
And turn it into a mausoleum

I’ll come find you in the night
You know, I can see perfectly in the dark
Its just when the sun hits
I cant see anything
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Monument Lyrics

Bambara – Monument Lyrics