I keep my clothes in a casket
I sleep on a mattress
The only suitcase that I own is a basket
I talk politics with unruly Chinamen
I like my water a third oxyen and two parts hydrogen
I'm on a mission
I don't got no time to be talkin' about my shoes
The fresh white ones with the black and red stripes
Hey yo I drop mics like a scratch of head lice
Not once in my life
Yeah I fixed the poles with the monkey wrench
Foul emcees gettin kicked off the johnny bench
If they're around usin' secret identities
These clad beast emcees are my enemies
Me I might take a trip to Danbury, Connecticut
And eat cranberries just for the heck of it cuz
I stay in like candy dots cuz everything I got's
Organized like annie pots
I sleep outside and get abducted illegal aliens
I eat Mexican food made by authentic Mexicans
Mc Liberated Ireland
I'm never violent
Because I ate a billion B vitamins and now I got a complex
I leave slews of clues for emcees with no contacts in the Adirondacks
A whole handful of metal thumbtacks
Couldn't pin me down and that's a fact
So ask Egon how I traveled beyond 96 eons in a paintless neon
My brain's got channels like Cobain had flannels
The train had vandals and windows with panes that been stained got panels
I bought the book on how to interpret my dreams
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Porchmen Lyrics

The Mad Conductor – Porchmen Lyrics