A fish pitched up by an angry sea
I gasped on land, then I became me
A product of the sun coughed up on the beach
In black chinos cut off below the knees
With a salt parched throat I struggled to talk
To lone angler positioned on the rugged old dock
Lost in the bucket of worms with mad slack on the reel
No other concerns but a meal
As it, ha ha, what is to be will be
And no cares of ours can arrest the decree
Of this outlaw cyclone my feet lost feeling
And brushstrokes of madness encompassed the ceiling
The sheriff rose up from the dirt so I split
He fired mad shots but I didn't get hit
I hopped off the dock and swam passed the reef
Back to the coral abode where I can sleep

Oh yeah, all right
Oh now what a wonderful sign when your lost in a castle (plathar?)

Well my minds a marble on the deck of a ship
In the bermuda triangle when the record storm hits
One day I'm gonna slip n slide off the plank
And then they'll hit the off switch on my oxygen tank
Til I'm out of my element seemingly unconscious
Down in the well again dreaming as my thoughts sink
Deeper and deeper and deeper into the bucket of worms
I got no concerns

My mind my soul my body
We all feel the same
Yeah we all feel alright, oh yeah
Oh yeah, alright, woah now what a wonderful sign
When your lost in a castle, castle, castle
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Cot In A Wormhole Lyrics

The Mad Conductor – Cot In A Wormhole Lyrics