I get lost in the deep space stars
And call for directions on prepaid cards
I don't got no pride when it comes to astronomy
If I know where I am then I feel like they're onto me
Still I got some questions for the kid who did the booking
Like "where you hide in a haunted house?"
I'm getting better at describing how I feel
Feeling less crushed beneath the wheel
I'm affected by head wounds and also concussions
Inflicted by us and almost some Russians
I'm the rudest of all rude boys so keep quiet unless you want some noise
No Katana, Sai, Nunchaku or Staff
Five finger discount robbers make me laugh
They wanna hit us with the haiku
I guess they could try to,
I'll probably stomp them out like I'm stompin through the bayou
Gettin fly on the granite
But now I'm diggin holes through the center of planet
Currently I'm running out of currency
Don't tell my landlord he'll take me back to Germany
And I'll be hiding in the attic in silence with the power out
Eating hot dogs with mad amounts of sourkraut
Me no loot me no shoot me know wail
I blasted into orbit on a ship to sail
Me no loot me no shoot me no wail
I landed on your planet but the ground was frail
Is it too hot to dance
Nah we rock steady
And I'm light on my feet cuz I'm mad top heavy
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Starry Safari Lyrics

The Mad Conductor – Starry Safari Lyrics