All I want is tuna, dolphin safe tuna
My nest are the depths of the black laguna
Delirious fo'serious mercury exposure to the fetus
Whoever thought that fetus could defeat us
My denture might clench yah, adventure in dementia
I'm mad like a hatter in the 19th centur
Ree plus the fat cat, kickin it in the tree
My grasp on reality is cast out to sea
And what good's a kickstand stickin' in the quicksand
When I washed off the stamp and I ripped off the wristband
I'm on the quest to examine existence but I can't hold my breathe
If I'm jammin with the fishes
But I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful...
But I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful...
But I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful...
Chicken in the water tryin to keep my line tangled
Candles in my head light the tilted triangle
Quickly dewhipped and critiquely seasick
I'm not completely human, I'm simply three-fifths
You see twenty percent of me is mutant reptile
Raised by a rodent in the sewer with the bile
But now I'm on the surface with slimy epidermis
Fluid on my brain like coffee in a thermos
Frothy salivation overflow and meet the mandible
Mechanically programmed to kill and eat the animal
But I will never touch another thermometer
When my feet are on the ground and my head is still in Andromeda

Don't stand between friends when you're experiencing things
You'll see them again and again and again
Please understand, when I wash ashore, I will be running away
I'm respecting his will, he asked the captain of the ship
Which way is north, starboard or port
Has me running away

Enjoyed our time together and I hope we'll be friends forever
But for now I've got to go, 'cause I really can't stay, I hope you understand
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Delirium Aquarium Lyrics

The Mad Conductor – Delirium Aquarium Lyrics